Man shot in Altenburg, MO, accused of threatening to kill family members

ALTENBURG, MO (KFVS) - A man was shot in Altenburg, Missouri after his mother said he threatened to kill her and her husband.

Jordan Hemman, 29, faces charges of burglary (first degreee), assault )fourth degree), domestic assault (fourth degree, first or second offense), domestic assault in the first degree, armed criminal action, property damage (first degre), and domestic assault (fourth degree, first or second offense).

According to court documents, a man called 911 from Gas-A-Mart on Main Street in Altenburg on Sunday, Dec. 18. The caller claimed Hemman was "going crazy."

The man told emergency dispatch that there had been shots fired, and a man was laying in the backyard of a home on Main Street. Court documents indicate Hemman's mother called dispatch just after 10:30 a.m. and said she "shot him."

When deputies arrived at the home, they found Hemman laying in the yard. He was conscious and alert and reportedly told investigators he'd been shot on his side.

While deputies and medical personnel attended to Hemman, Deputy Jason Klaus went inside the home where he said he saw a 20 gauge semi-automatic shotgun on the back porch. Klaus then said he made contact with Hemman's mother and checked her for injuries and then placed her in handcuffs.

Hemman's mother told investigators she shot her son after he assaulted and threatened her.

According to court documents, Hemman's mother said that earlier the same morning, while at her home on Main Street, she confronted her son about drinking beer that he bought from Gas-A-Mart. She said her next-door neighbors told her that the night before, Hemman bought beer from their store. Hemman then left his mother's home and went to the neighbor's house.

The neighbors told investigators that they were inside with their two children around 9:30 a.m. when Hemman walked into their house. They said he appeared in the hallway outside their bedroom. and seemed very distraught. Hemman allegedly started to threaten the couple, saying he would kill them.

The neighbor claimed Hemman then left their home and walked back to his mom's house.

Hemman went back to his mother's home. He reportedly ripped the bathroom door off the frame because his mother was inside. That's when investigators said he allegedly started slapping and hitting his. Hemman's mother said this happened several times as she continued to try to block the blows.

Hemman's mother said he told her "I just want to die," and said "I will kill you and [name redacted] today and I will die. Someone will die today."

Hemman's mother said her son then left the home and went to the barn behind the house. Hemman's mother said she left and drove to Frohna to contact a law enforcement officer for help.

According to court documents, Hemman's mother did not stop at the officer's home, but instead turned around and drove back to her home. That's when Hemman reportedly drove out of the driveway and tried to block his mother's vehicle in the yard. As she tried to drive around him, Hemman is accused of backing into her vehicle.

Hemman's mother told investigators she drove to Immanuel Church on Main Street and her son followed her and passed her. He reportedly slammed on his brakes and nearly caused a crash. Hemman's mother said that's when she told someone to call the police. She then left the church and drove to another driveway on Main Street.

She said her husband pulled up in a vehicle next to her and asked what was going on. She replied that her son was trying to kill her. Court documents show she then drove through the backyard of her dad's house with her husband following behind her.

That's when investigators say Hemman got out of his car and started yelling and threatening to kill people.

Hemman's mother told authorities she was afraid for her life and for the life of her family and asked her dad to get a gun from a gun cabinet in the garage. She said her dad gave her a "big gun with a scope" which she could not hold so he gave her a 20 gauge semi-automatic shotgun.

She told authorities her son continued to come toward them yelling and cussing at them. Authorities said that's when she fired the shotgun at her son.

According to court documents, Hemman's mother said he got up and walked behind a shed then began walking toward them again. She said she told him if he didn't stop that she would shoot him again. That's when her dad reportedly took the gun and told Hemman to stay on the ground until police arrived.

Hemman is being held on $75,000 cash only bond.

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