What to do if you still need that hard-to-find gift

(KFVS) - Looking for that hard-to-find gift? Well, you just might have some options left.

We called around to various stores in the Heartland to get some advice for you in case you have trouble finding that limited item.

Many of the chain stores have online options for you to check to see if that product is available. If it is, you may have the additional option to see if it's available for the store in your area or if it can be transferred to that store which might be faster than shipping.

J.C. Penney Sikeston Store Manager Germaine Kirk said in addition to those options at their store, at this point it's better to be a brick and mortar store rather than just online.

"What we do here at Penney's and what a lot of retailers are taking the time to do now is intercede trucks," Kirk said. "So when you have a truck that is delivered to your store with product, they might have it in Carbondale but not here in Sikeston. The employees then start to think outside of the box and figure how can we make sure our customers are getting this holiday season."

She said they have one solution that helps, especially with less than one week away from the Christmas holiday.

"We have taken car rides to other stores that have the product. We have taken car rides to other towns that have had the product that we couldn't either deliver ourselves on dot com or maybe another company couldn't get to the customer," Kirk explained. "It's a big advantage at this point to see the difference in being able to walk into a store and what a store, a real person can do in terms of going above and beyond."

Kirk said it's in their best interest to just call the store and see what options there are in trying to get that special item and when it might be available.

"We have the ability to look at about a good two million different skews," Kirk added. "If we can't pull it from a phone call, we can do something called an item inquiry. An item inquiry helps us locate the closest, and the furthest, in the stores that would have the product. Then we can start thinking geographically how can we get that product to that customer. What can we do that is going to beat all that online purchasing?"

Kirk also said some items come available or become a hot item right before Christmas time. So there might not be enough of that item that was made and distributed yet. So if it is still a must-have for your loved ones, there are other ways to present it to them for Christmas.

"My suggested would be to be fun and creative. Think outside the box," Kirk added. "Maybe find a photo, maybe plant it somewhere for your child or grandchild and let them know you're going to have a scavenger hunt in that time it would take you to get that item. You can extend the holiday and can still have that surprise and you can still get something they need. Do something different that is still going to let your child know that you're working on getting it in that time you have to wait for it to be delivered."

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