Gov. Rauner looks ahead to 2018

MARION, IL (KFVS) - Primary elections in Illinois are only a few months away. It's been a controversial run for the first time governor Bruce Rauner.

Illinois had the longest running budget impasse in history.

In a "sit-down session" with the Rauner, he explained his future for the budget.

"I will be proposing a balanced budget," he said. As we head into the budget process in 2018, Gov Rauner was very clear that's one of his goals.

"The only reason it's lower today is because we have refinanced down some debt…the total debt is what matters is going up and it is still going up.. and today right now, from yesterday to today to tomorrow, the unpaid bill backlog is going up because Mendoza and Madigan and their cronies in the general assembly still have an unbalanced budget even though I vetoed it and tried to cut it."

In response to Rauner, Illinois Comptroller offers her take on the budget backlog.  She said, "In his three years as governor, Bruce Rauner has yet to propose a balanced budget. Instead, he more than tripled the backlog of unpaid bills from $5 billion to $16.7 billion."

During my sit down we discussed a few other topics, but he wanted to point out his top four focuses as he heads to the primaries:

  1. Grow more jobs by getting the red tape/regulations off businesses
  2. Lower taxes – by freezing property taxes
  3. Roll back income tax hike
  4. Get term limits on the ballot

Rauner explained, "If we get term limits done through the voters support-net, we will have different leaders, a new system, and we can have government that actually works for the people again."

The governor will be in Cairo, IL on Saturday, December 15.

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