Fire danger still high in the Heartland

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Fire Chief Jason Mouser with Jackson Fire Rescue said this is one of the driest times we've had this year. And, the dryness combined with the high winds can be dangerous for burning.

A lot of people want to burn their leaves and other things, but the chief said it's just not safe.

Mouser said it's so dry right now that actions you don't even think about like tossing a cigarette out could start a fire.

He said in the past week they've put out three fires that were started by cigarette butts being tossed out a window.

"Fires with this wind they get out of hand in a hurry," Mouser said. "We discourage any burning right now until we get a significant amount of rain due to the high volume of calls that we've been getting - due to the dry and windy conditions this season."

The chief said right now everyone should all be cautious of anything that can spark a fire because a spark could grow into something much bigger.

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