Beware what you put down your drain

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Plumbers are busier during holidays because of what you put in your sink.

This is the time of year where there are plenty of family gatherings which means plenty of food. That food is what you need to pay attention to because some of it cannot go into your kitchen sink, regardless of whether you have a garbage disposal or not.

"Well holidays are especially a troubled time because you have lots of people coming in at grandmas house," Septic & Plumbing Owner Bill Bonney said. "They're not used to having 15 people so everybody gets the chance to use the sink here."

There are some items you want to avoid putting down the drain.

"No grease. Absolutely no grease," Bonney said. "No potato peels. No carrots. Food items that can easily go down a garbage disposal is kind of what we are looking for."

It's advice worth taking as it might cost you money out of your pocket, as well as cause you to have to dig up your yard.

"During these holidays, the homeowner take charge and make sure that what goes down the sink is proper," Bonney added. "If not, it can be costly in the long run to replace those lines."

Bonney stressed no grease several times.

"Grease is our number one problem during the holidays," Bonney said. It backs up the sink. It's like taking your hand and sticking it in a can of Crisco and pulling it out. That's what sticks down into those lines."

Of of the common mistakes, Bonney said is thinking you can put grease down the drain if you add water to it as well.

"What a lot of people do is pour grease down the sink after cooking or using bacon and they put hot water with it thinking that's going to run it on down," Bonnie said. "What actually happens is that it goes 20-30 feet and hits 38 degrees and then solidifies. Then anything else you put down there catches on that grease."

Bonney warns that this could be costly to fix or it might be a simple clog that a plumber could easily get out that doesn't cost much. There is a way you can help maintain your drains as well if something happens.

"Lots of hot water down the sink, bleach, things like that help clear those lines and keeps them from smelling," Bonnie mentioned. "If something does stop you can always call me to come out. It's not an expensive thing to unstop."

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