Baby proofing your home for the holidays

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - It's the most wonderful time of the year, but holiday decorations can come with a sleigh full of dangers for small children.

Rosilyn Despain is a proud grandma but knows her grandson is at that age where he is curious about everything.

"He won't be two until March, but he's really doing a good job practicing his terrible twos," Despain said.

And he's had his eye on the Christmas tree.

"Little people are very curious and rightfully so. Everything is so bright and glittery," said Pediatrician Maria Duroseau.

She said she sees all kinds of injuries this time of year.

"Cuts, lacerations. An ornament breaks and they try to grab at it or pick it up," Duroseau said. "Also, if they're reaching up and try to pull on it, the Christmas tree can fall on them."

But she said choking is probably the most common.

"There's lots of little pieces to hand the ornament," Duroseau said. "You know, some people do put garlands of popcorn on the tree. So the that, the kernel of that, can still be a choking hazard."

Your safest bet is to find a way to cordon the tree off with something like a baby gate that can wrap around the tree to keep little ones out.

That's what Despain did.

"I had this hearth gate and I thought that would be easier because he's at that stage where nothing is impossible to him," Despain said. "We'll have to watch a little bit more carefully than we otherwise do."

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