Rend Lake area to be upgraded following input from community

REND LAKE, IL (KFVS) - The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is in the beginning steps of updating its master plan to help better the Rend Lake area.

The last update was in 2009 and the new master plan will take into account updated visitor trends, updated mapping techniques and most of all hearing how the public thinks the area should be used which was the main intention of tonight's meeting was about.

The plan considers recreation such as the development of recreation areas, management of fish and wildlife resources, and updates to the plan to become compliant with current rules and regulations.

Rend Lake will be taking public input until the end of January and then will draft a master plan and then will once again seek public input before finalizing the master plan in December of next year.

The plan is meant to last another ten years once completed. Jackie Taylor the Rend Lake Operations Manager spoke about why it's important to hear feedback from the public and not just do what they think is best."We don't want it to be an agency only plan we want to work with our stakeholders, customers, and the other public agencies, department of natural resources elected officials to make sure we are headed in the right direction," Taylor said.

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