Keeping your kids busy during winter break

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - With Christmas just around the corner, kids across the Heartland will start getting released for winter break.

In order to get ready for the large influx of kids who need something to do while out of school, daycares and other child care programs are expanding hours and hiring extra staff.

Hannah's House Child Development Center in Carbondale is one of those places getting ready according to Pam Gillespie, Director of the facility.

"During the school year we have children that come here for a half a day," Gillespie said. "During Christmas break, they are here all day, so we have to increase our staff for that, we change our daily routine to accommodate the children that are here all day."

Gillespie said this is a common practice for child care centers during this busy time of year where more children need supervision while parents are at work.

Michelle Pistono is a teacher at Hannah House. She said they try to make daycare more fun for kids this time of year because kids have to be at daycare longer.

"They stay here longer during winter break," Pistono said. "So this gives us a chance to maybe make more snacks with them or do extra crafts. We also try to prepare games that allow them to be more social."

Some schools are also giving students activity packets or even winter break homework.

So on top of making sure there is a child care facility that can watch over your kids, you should be asking them if they have any school work to be doing over the break as well.

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