Carbondale mayor gives state of the city

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - The mayor of Carbondale, Illinois gave a state of the city address on Tuesday afternoon, December 12 during the monthly luncheon.

Mayor John "Mike" Henry unveiled the city's new logo and branding. He highlighted the city's progress and accomplishments over the last year, as well as discussed plans for 2018.

The luncheon was held at noon in the Carbondale Civic Center on S. Illinois Ave.

In attendance were State Representative Terri Bryant, SIU Chancellor Carlo Montemagno, new and old board members and even Carbondale Police Chief Jeff Grubbs.

Henry opened up about the city's upcoming FY19 Budget. He explained the budget process as very difficult due to the uncertainties of funding from the state of Illinois.

He went on to talk about the reduced share of the Local Government Distributive Fund, losing more than a half million dollars causing the city to postpone much needed city improvements.

In positive news, the mayor discussed the successes of eclipse -- the number of visitors the city received along with national and worldwide coverage.

Overlooking 2017, the mayor reminded everyone of the completion of Phase 1 of the downtown streetscape construction, and phase 2 of the downtown bike path and the new downtown parking.

Mayor Henry pointed out some of the details in phase two of the downtown streetscape.

"We will extend what we did, the improvements in the sidewalks, new curb and gutter, making everything ADA compliant which we are now, but it will be a lot smoother and a lot better. The light poles will be same downtown."

The mayor excitedly pointed out the decrease in crime, he explains, the 2017 numbers are "trending at a level that should be at or under the previous two years."

Mayor Mike Henry made some remarks and unveiled the city's new logo. With the help of more than 600 community surveyors, some of the common themes related to Carbondale were the university, diversity and outdoor recreation.

"This is a brand that we hope our high schools can attach to their letterheads and envelopes," the mayor explained. "The library, anybody, institution that's associated with the city, public institution will be able to use this logo."

Accordin to the mayor, Carbondale's new strapline "All Ways Open" implies the possibilities in Carbondale are limitless.

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