Tips to fight the flu this season

(KFVS) - Health officials said more than 500 cases of the flu were reported in the Show-Me-State just last week.

And experts said it's too early to know if it's going to be a bad year, or if it's just an early spike.

Registered Nurse, Sandy Gibbons said as soon as you start feeling the flu symptoms like a headache, upper respiratory issues and aches, you need to see a doctor to get medicine.

She said if you try to wait out your symptoms, you will be sick for a much longer time.

Gibbons added to get the most out of the anti-viral medicine, you need to start taking it within 72 hours of have symptoms.

"So make sure that you get plenty of fluids, plenty of rest, you eat as healthy as you can during that time and that you feel pretty good to go back to work because if not you might get something that someone else has and you don't want to spread what you have," said Gibbons.

She said not to rush going back to work or around people -- to protect both you and the people you are around.

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