Pageant helps give back to families in need

BERNIE, MO (KFVS) - A pageant in Bernie, Missouri on Sunday featured many participants and will help other families in need.

The 12th Annual Christmas Fantasy Pageant kicked off featuring dozens of adorable participants that took to the stage.

The purpose of the event is to help other families in need in the Bernie area.

Money raised will go towards adopting local families and providing help with buying Christmas gifts, bills, along with other areas of need.

One parent we spoke with said she wants to help give back because she knows how hard life can be sometimes.

"If they don't have anything you always want to make sure that you can help the less fortunate than you," Annie Stafford said. "I've seen my niece and nephew and that's why I actually help her. My sister can't afford to do much with her so I do it all with her (her sister)."

She also stated this pageant is a great way to, not only have a fun event for the children but to show her niece the importance of helping others.

"She's seen it and knows how it feels to have to have needing help," Stafford added. "She donates her toys every Christmas usually to Hope Exchange there in New Madrid where we live. So she helps the needy kids too."

The goal this year for this event is to raise $1,000 for at least two families.

People in attendance also brought grocery items to donate to local food banks as well.

Every participant received a crown and trophy.

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