Forget Cards - Use Your Finger to Pay at the Pump

Forget Cards - Use Your Finger to Pay at the Pump
By: Wes Wallace
Paducah, KY - Some customers at a Paducah convenience store give clerks the finger, but no one seems to mind.
"I think it's great, better than a signature," says Debbie Strickland, of Clarksville, Tennessee.
Strickland didn't know about the BioPay technology, or the system where people can scan their index finger, type in a pin number, and pay for their purchases. It usually takes less than thirty seconds for a transaction, and some store owners say it's a better, cheaper alternative to credit card processing fees.
"It's fast, it's safe, and very secure," says Freddie Bobo, the manager of Cheers Food & Fuel, "Not many people have signed up, because they're worried about identity theft. No one has your fingerprint but you, and no one has both that and your pin number."
The process works when you bring a blank check, have it scanned into BioPay system, and make up a ten digit pin number.
However, some people are still skeptical. One woman said, "That's plumb scary." Another man told us he'd rather use cash.
There's no charge to sign up for the program, but there are only about 1400 BioPay centers around the country.