Clarkton Elementary presents "A KFVS 12 Special Report: Christmas in Clarkton"

CLARKTON, MO (KFVS) - A very special report came from Clarkton. Missouri tonight. Clarkton Elementary School put on its annual Christmas play, this year was called "A KFVS 12 Special Report: Christmas in Clarkton"

They presented the play in the form of a newscast complete with a field reporter, weather woman, and even a sports report about Reindeer on the court.

"Mary-Ann" and "Jeff" anchored the news much like the Heartland News at 10 and "Carly O'Keefe" did a couple field interviews right before the kids sang "I'm getting Nuttin' for Christmas", and "Grandma got run over by a reindeer." "Laura" then came in with the weather report where of course every part of town was different before "Jingle Bells."

The play was put on by the third through fifth graders from the school with a little help from some of the teachers. After their performance, we got to catch up with a few of the kids about their favorite parts.

"I liked to watch everybody do their part," said Madee Johnson, who played the role of Wibbs.

"Whenever I had to remember the line in front of my P.E. Coach," said Angel Johnson, who played "Erin" the sports reporter. "Cause I like P.E."

The reindeer unanimously agreed their dance to Rudolph the red nose reindeer was their favorite part.

The kids put a little over three weeks into practices to make sure that they knew their lines and songs all of the kids said it was worth the time. For other Christmas events, go to

To watch the whole thing look below:

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