No Gamble for Harrah's

No Gamble for Harrah's
By: Wes Wallace

METROPOLIS, IL --All bets are off at Harrah's Metropolis Casino, thanks in part to low river levels. The riverboat closed its doors Sunday night around 10:00 p.m., and directors don't know when it will reopen.
"I'm sure they're losing money, but I'm sure they'll get it back pretty soon," says Cheron Burdette of Paducah, "I come about once a month, and lose money each time, but it's all part of gambling."
The main building sits on a barge, part of the bottom of the barge touches the bottom of the Ohio River, and part of the casino boat floats above the barge, leaving a big gap between the two.
"We're looking at several ways to fix the problem, we've got divers and workers dredging," says Paul Long, Harrah's Director of Marketing, "It's costly to everyone when we're closed. The casino, the employees, and the city of Metropolis. We lose about 400K in revenue each day."
It's also a loss to customers who drove into town in hopes of striking it rich, but Cheron Burdette says high water won't stop her fun, "I'm not disappointed, I'll be back."
Earlier this year Harrah's closed in January because of high water and flooding from the Ohio.