Man uses cryptocurrency to buy SUV in Jackson, MO

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - A southwest Missouri man purchased a GMC SUV using a unique type of currency at an auto dealership in Jackson, Missouri on Dec 1.

It was the first sale using cryptocurrency at the dealership in Jackson, Missouri.

According to Dave Inman of Cape Cars Auto Group, this is the first sale of a vehicle in the state of Missouri using cryptocurrency.

Holford was searching for a vehicle and found it online at price negotiated over the phone. Holford knew Cape Cars accepted crypto as payment.

The man drove to Jackson and within three minutes the deal was done. A total value of $15,000 in cryptocurrency was used to buy the vehicle.

But, not all dealers accept crypto as payment.

Inman feels secure and confident in using cryptocurrency.

Whatever the value was of the currency of the day, they figured it out at the dealership and transferred the value to Cape Cars' account.

There is no cash or bank involved.

Like an investment, you buy into the currency. Only so much currency is available to buy at a time.

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