An ongoing opioid battle: one woman's story

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - One woman in southeast Missouri is recovering from years of addiction.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is hoping with his three-part initiative he announced that fewer people will go through what she did.

Those initiatives include Investing $12 million in funding for state and local law enforcement, restructuring the DEA's field divisions, and making federal prosecutors designate an opioid coordinator.

Kelsey Hartman struggled with prescription pain pills and slowly switched to Heroin after the high was not enough.

"People didn't know," said Hartman. "That the craziest thing about it. It can be your neighbor it can be anybody, it happens to anybody."

She relapsed several times until one-year-ago when she officially became clean and sober and has been recovering since.

"How it really started was I got into a car wreck, it's very common that it starts with a doctors prescription," Hartman said.

But others are still fighting their battles, one she knows all too well and says it was the darkest part of her life.

"Every time I nodded out or got high I wish I would never wake up," said Hartman. "And now it's like, I'm happy to wake up. Thing's have changed drastically."

Poplar Bluff Chief Danny Whiteley described those new initiatives as a breath of fresh air. And, he's hoping that they can use the new funds to get both drugs and the people selling them off the streets.

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