School counselor shares tips for parents dealing with bullying

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - A mom in Virginia is facing a felony and a possible five years in prison following her placing a recording device in her daughter's backpack in attempts to record her daughter's bullies.

While that is against the law it had us wondering what a parent is supposed to do if they're concerned.

One school counselor described the case in Virginia as an extreme scenario.

Even though every district's rules for how parents should handle bullying may vary most schools in our area have a zero-tolerance policy.

So, the best way for parents to handle this is a direct conversation with the administration.

"We have a very open door policy," said Heather Self, a counselor at Sikeston Schools. "We love hearing from parents."

She says that the counseling staff works side by side with the administration to ensure all kids remain safe.

"One thing we do is anytime there is a claim of any type of bullying we take it seriously it's investigated quickly, whether it's me or a principal, we look into bullying immediately," she said.

But the best thing for a parent to do is to make sure that they are open to the school if there is a problem.

Other resources like can also help if a parent is suspicious that their child is being bullied.

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