Keeping your Christmas tree fresh through the holidays

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - For Tree farms the day after thanksgiving is the busiest day of the year.

To keep your tree fresh through the holidays Steve Meier, owner of Meier Horse Shoe Pines, suggests to keep it away from heat sources.

"You keep it out of the sunlight away from the fireplace and away from a heat duct," said Meier.

He also said to check it for water daily, "if the water ever dries out of the bottom of the stand the tree will sap over and it will not be allowed to take water again."

Meier said checking if your Christmas tree is still fresh is easy.

"Take a branch bend it over like that if it snaps that tree is already dried out and you will not be able to keep it fresh, if it's nice and limber where you can bend it over, it's great."

Meier said there are three reasons to get a real tree, they are good for the environment, they are grown in North America and, "the smell and the emotion that goes along with this because there is no way you can duplicate this with an artificial tree, the emotion alone will last for a lifetime for people."