Fancy Farm Mudslinging

Fancy Farm Mudslinging
By: Heartland News


FANCY FARM, KY -- For over 100 years, Fancy Farm has been a political hot spot every summer.  This year, mudslinging at the annual picnic was a little hotter than normal. 


Not because any of the politicians were stumping for votes, but many of them were instead reacting to allegations that Governor Ernie Fletcher's administration has been hiring and firing based on political affiliation.


Some speakers specifically blew the whistle at the podium on Governor Ernie Fletcher's administration for hiring practices democrats say, were politically motivated.


Even with the allegations recited in poetic verse, republican leaders don't agree.  They say,Kentucky's government workforce was democrat heavy and the governor says his administration has hired both democrats and republicans.


Other republican leaders say party favoritism in hiring government employees has long been in place with previous democrats.


A fiery Governor Fletcher says his administration was at "war" with Attorney General Greg Stumbo over the alleged hiring scandal that has rocked his administration.