Value of shopping local for Black Friday deals

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - One of the busiest shopping days is just one week away and those Black Friday deals are everywhere. There are savings from big box stores to even the locally-owned businesses in your backyard.

In preparation for Christmas gifts, everyone loves a good deal, even shopper Donna Dailey.

"I watch them sale bills constantly," Dailey said. "I have to know what I can get the best because I'm on a fixed income so  you have to know where every dollar and every penny is going."

George Scheffer, owner of a local business in Carbondale, says he's gearing up too.

"Everybody is going to be basically at the same price," Scheffer said. "It is what value you're going to put on it going for Black Friday to do that and what type of services you're going to do. In appliances, everybody will be selling exactly at the same price."

When comparing the big box store deals to locally-owned businesses deals, Scheffer is right. For each different model, the prices were the same.

"The manufacturers have already dictated on what that price can be," Scheffer said. "They've locked us in. They've locked the big boxes in. They locked us in at the price we are going to sell.  We know that we are going to be there."

So, how do you chose which store to buy from? Dailey says she goes for the added value.

"Which one had the best warranty would get it and the best service, to take care of it after," Dailey said. "That's very important to me because I can't fix it"

Scheffer explains his logic about shoppers store preference.

"The number one reason someone doesn't go back to a store, is  not over price, but one it's how you were treated," he said. "Look at someone that you think cares, look at someone that you think will treat you the right way."

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