Investigation: Radioactive leaks at Illinois nuclear plants

Investigation: Radioactive leaks at Illinois nuclear plants

Better Government Association

An investigation by a government watchdog has found Illinois nuclear power plants reported at least 35 accidental releases of radioactive contamination over the past decade.

The Better Government Association reports some leaks have contaminated groundwater near the plants at levels dozens and even hundreds of times higher than federal safe drinking water standards.

One leak at the Dresden plant near Morris sent radioactive contaminants into a sewage treatment plant. At the Quad Cities plant, a radioactive leak took eight months to plug.

A leak was ongoing at the Braidwood plant in Will County, even as state inspectors onsite were told by Exelon officials there were no problems.

Regulators issued no fines for the incidents, which Exelon says posed no danger to the public. Critics say the company shouldn't be trusted.

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