New Product Appeals to Busy Pet Owners

New Product Appeals to Busy Pet Owners
By: Lauren Keith    

Cape Girardeau, MO -- Each year, Americans spend millions on products to pamper their pets, but a new product isn't for pampering, it's for ‘taking care of business.’  It's a litter box--- for dogs!

Apparently, the new product is very popular in the Heartland, but not everyone is quite ready to trade in the ole' pooper scooper.  "We sell a lot of it. We actually got a truck shipment on Sunday, and this is all that's left-- it goes really, really fast!" said Petco Merchandising Mgr. Jessica Martin.

Perhaps the reason why these fairly new doggie litter boxes sell so fast is because they apparently bring both you and your dog "peace of mind,” or at least, the slogan on the box claims this.  "If they go to work during the day, they don't have to worry about their dogs having to go outside-- they just go in the house,” said Martin.

Both the product maker and Petco staff say the litter boxes seem to work best for little dogs.

The company also acknowledges it’s targeting *small* pet owners, like Norma Christian of Bloomfield who has a chihauha.  "She’d probably use it in the winter time!" admits Christian.

Abbie cook agrees, she claims her little dog, Mugsy, doesn't like the "outdoor facilities" either, so she uses newspaper inside her home, but she's willing to give the litter box a try.  "Well, it looks like something a cat would use, but Mugsy can pee like a cat!" said Cook.

Nestle Purina also appeals to those busy dog owners--- hoping maybe they'll trade in the leash for the litter box.  The company launched a heavy email ad campaign to pet owners this week, and pet advisers are standing by 24 hours now to help you and your pet "take care of business"!

There's even a whole aisle full of products like these litter boxes, from the product we've been showing you to even panties for a dog!  Well, here's something i thought was interesting--- right next to the new way of doing things--- is the old-fashioned, trite and true, pooper scooper!"

While the doggie litter boxes do seem to be flying off store shelves right now, they still haven't brought total "relief" yet.  "I have a miniature pincher and we tried the dog litter and the problem we had was, we couldn't get her into the pan. She didn't want to do that, so we found the pads work a lot better,” said Majhon Phillips, a pet owner from Jackson.

If you'd like to try Second Nature dog litter, the product maker recommends using it with puppies as they potty-train.