Disabled MO veterans go on hunt

BLOOMFIELD, MO (KFVS) - Disabled veterans often times have difficulties doing things most of us take for granted. That includes going out and hunting in the woods where blinds and tree stands are often difficult to get in to. But a group out in Bloomfield, Missouri took some disabled veterans out on a hunt on Thursday, November 16.

As for the afternoon lunch break, it was a short one for Jay Vermillion. Vermillion and the other hunters are ready to get back out to the hunt. A quick and noisy ride on a gator gets them out to the hunting blinds before a quiet wait.

"There are only a couple places in life where you can lose yourself and just pay attention to what's going on," said Vermillion.

Jay is keeping his eyes open for the right deer, he's seen a couple but hasn't pulled his trigger. He said all he needs is one shot and will make sure it's the right shot.

Jay, like every other hunter, is there for free.They got free ammunition, free camo and a free tag from the Missouri Department of Conservation.

"I was in the Marine Corps from 1999 to the end of 2012, I loved every minute of it," said Vermillion. "Only sad part was when I had to get out."

Vermillion was disabled when his truck hit an IED after a battle in Marjah. He was sent to the hospital for a couple years.

"A lot of our vets are challenged to walk," said Mark Reed with the Missouri Department of Conservation. "You know we've only got one really good wheelchair accessible blind like this one."

Reed and the other volunteers sat with the veterans. They helped them spot deer, kept them company and just talked.

"You know we've had hunters in the past that are a little bit leery about the gun we've had hunters that weren't ready," said Reed. "We've had hunters come out and they never pick the gun up."

Some of the facility's needs are fertilizer, seed, fuel, chemicals, ATV's, golf carts, tillage equipment, materials for road maintenance, food, and insurance. To donate you can send them to D.V. Outdoor Fund at P.O. Box 372 Dexter, Missouri 63841.

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