Saline Co., IL woman says Amish neighbor shot her dog for chasing buggy

Hillary Walker hugs dog Sadi. (Source: KFVS)
Hillary Walker hugs dog Sadi. (Source: KFVS)

SALINE COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - There is a large Amish presence in Saline County, Illinois.

Non-Amish members of the community say it is not uncommon for their dogs to chase after the horse-drawn buggies their Amish neighbors get around on.

Hillary Walker has a dog who did just that but was shot from the back of one for doing so on Saturday, November 11.

Walker said she and her eight-year-old daughter were looking out of the window when it happened.

"It was like watching a western," she said "He put the reigns down he stood up in the buggy, turns around behind him and pulls out the pistol out of his jean vest and points it right at the dog."

Walker said her dog flipped into the air and fell into the ditch outside of her house. She also said she was concerned about a potential ricochet that could have hit her or her daughter, who of course, was devastated.

Walker immediately called the Saline Co. Sheriff's department. Upon their arrival, she said her neighbor admitted to shooting the dog and offered money to buy the dog.

When Walker told him that wasn't good enough, he offered to pay any vet bills her dog would need.

Walker said the bullet just grazed her dog's skull, making her lucky to still be alive. Sadi, the dog, currently has a draining tube in her skull to relieve any pressure that could build up from infection.

The Saline County Sheriff's Department is investigating.

According to the Saline County State's Attorney, charges were filed on Monday, Nov. 20.

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