Ameren IL warns customers about phone scams

ILLINOIS (KFVS) - Ameren Illinois is helping some of its customers fight scams. Several members went to a few places in Carbondale, Illinois.

The goal was to help them be aware of any scammers that could be threatening their business. So, when should you suspect if a scammer has contacted you?

"If they demand immediate payment before disconnection that is a red flag right there, if they ask you to go out and purchase a green dot card or a prepaid card from a local convenient store that's a definite red flag right there so we ask the customer that if at all doubt just hang up," said Tina Gibbs with Ameren Illinois

According to Ameren, in the last four years more than 3000 customers have reported being contacted by a scammer.

Scammers have cost Ameren Illinois customers nearly $75,000 since 20-13.

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