Graves Co., KY holds active shooter training for churchgoers

MAYFIELD, KY (KFVS) - Churchgoers in Graves County, Kentucky attended a class on security in the event of an active shooter on Tuesday night.

Attendance was so high that they had to relocate everyone to a bigger building.

There was a significant turnout for the active shooter class in Mayfield, Ky. Sheriff Redmon said around 400 people showed up to the event.

Those in attendance had to pick up and move from the American Legion building to the First Baptist Sanctuary right around the corner.

A deacon at one of the local churches explained why it was important that so many people came.

"I hope that they will take away the necessity and the urgency. That we have to protect ourselves. That we can't just say okay we're in a bible building in Western Kentucky and it's not gonna happen."

During the meeting the Sheriff and a few deputies provided suggestions for churches to follow such as being aware of strange cars parked at the church or checking under pews for weapons where potential attackers may have stashed them.

One thing they stressed was not to be a hero and only fight back as a last resort.

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