Bullet flies through house; homeowner has message for hunters

GORDONVILLE, MO (KFVS) - Living in hunting land, one of your worst fears might be a bullet flying through your home. That's exactly what happened to one Gordonville, Missouri man.

The bullet came through Tim Horrell's front window and through his living room and dining room area before exiting his back wall. The area where the bullet came through is where his family spends quite a bit of time.

He now has the windows boarded up and said that he hears gunshots around his house quite often. It's about eight miles outside of Cape Girardeau in the country. Horrell also said his family are all avid hunters and he's OK with it but doesn't want bullets flying through his home with his three kids.

Now he has a message for hunters.

"I just wanted people to be aware when you're out there hunting not everybody hits their target," Horrell said. "Before you pull the trigger make sure there are no houses behind the deer."

It's the second time his home has been hit in as many years and he wants this to be a learning experience for hunters. To find a list of rules click here.

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