Toy Testers: Happy Salmon

(KFVS) - This High-fivin', fin-flappin' card game, was a hit in Mr. Callahan's third grade class.

"I would play it anywhere," said one child after playing the game.

Happy Salmon is a fast-paced card game where everyone calls out the action on their card and once the action is done, the first person out of cards wins.

"It's good that they are steering away from electronic toys and they were actually engaged playing a card game," said Mr. Callahan.

The game for 3 to 6 people costs anywhere between $10-15 and comes with cards that say- high five, pound it, switcheroo and Happy Salmon of course.

The rules are tricky to explain at first, but after they played a few rounds they picked it up.

Most of the kids said they would like to have this toy for Christmas.

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