Military bunkers transformed into doomsday shelters

(Source: CBS News)
(Source: CBS News)
(Source: CBS News)
(Source: CBS News)

(KFVS) - As fears of a nuclear conflict with North Korea grow, a developer in California is preparing for the end of the world.

Robert Vicino is turning hundreds of abandoned military bunkers in South Dakota into luxury doomsday shelters.

The military built the blast-proof shelters in the 1940s to store bombs.

So, Vicino is renovating them to hold all the comforts of home along with supplies needed to wait out a disaster.

"We can store enough food for 20 people for a minimum of a year or longer," said Vicino.

According to the company, over the past year, sales have increased nearly 1,000 percent. Customers have many motivations for buying them.

"They're concerned about everything from economic collapse to World War III," according to Vicino.

Milton Toress recently bought one of the shelters. He said he worries about a world-ending event in his lifetime. If it never comes, he says he'll pass it on to his 11-year-old daughter.

"It brings me a sense of relief," he said.

The shelters cost $25,000 up front and are a thousand a year thereafter.

Outside the U.S., Vivos and companies like Atlas Shelters and Survival Condos are building shelters in the U-K, Europe, Mexico and South Korea.  Vicino says he's currently planning a dormitory-style shelter that would house a number of people for a far less expensive fee.

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