Two sixth graders organize fundraisers as acts of kindness

(Source: Cary Lynn Nabors)
(Source: Cary Lynn Nabors)
(Source: Cary Lynn Nabors)
(Source: Cary Lynn Nabors)
(Source: Cary Lynn Nabors)
(Source: Cary Lynn Nabors)
Georgia Moll (right) (Source: Cary Lynn Nabors)
Georgia Moll (right) (Source: Cary Lynn Nabors)

PERRYVILLE, MO (KFVS) - Two Perryville kids strive to help those that need support. They planned their fourth event in four years.

Mason Cochran and Jack Buerck have been doing this for a while now.  They have organized several events already in their short life and are continuing to do more.

"We feel like we are so blessed and want to give back," Jack Buerck said.

The current fundraiser is the Run, Run, Rudolph 5k run/walk which will benefit the Missouri National Veterans Memorial that is being built in Perryville.

More than $6,000 was raised for the memorial that will open in 2018, and include an exact replica of the Vietnam Memorial wall in D.C.

More than 100 runners ran in the 5K with the oldest being Georgia Moll at 82.  She won first prize in the over 70 group.

"It was honestly all Jack," Cochran said. "He said, 'do you want to have a 5k for fundraising?' I was like, 'yeah I guess.'"

"We want to help those in need and remember those who helped us," Buerck said about helping Veterans.

With these two students, it all started back in 3rd grade when they were in their classroom at Immanuel Lutheran School. They wanted to help out their art teacher who had breast cancer.

They decided to sell bracelets and magnets to raise money. They ended up giving her a whopping $850.

"She has had cancer three times before that and that was her fourth time around," Cochran said.

A year later, while in fourth grade, they decided to sell crosses to help out another organization.

"We sold stainless steel crosses and we sold those and you can hang them in your car and stuff," Cochran said. "All that money went to the Immanuel Lutheran Food Pantry."

"God's just given me so much I feel like I just need to help other people," Buerck added.

They ended up raising nearly $500 for their church food bank that year.

Two years after that, they were back at it again helping others. After the EF-4 tornado struck earlier this year in Perryville, they helped out again. This time their act of kindness was volunteering their time to help clean up and rebuild.

"God didn't have it hit us so why not help those it did hit," Buerck said.

"Those people had lost most of what they had or everything they had. I had plenty of stuff so I just felt like I should help them," Cochran added.

They feel they have a lot of support for the events they chose to organize.

"We have support from some businesses in town and especially our parents," Cochran said. "Our class is actually doing it too! Our sixth grade class at Immanuel, they've made it their class mission for the year. So we have our whole class helping out with this."

Cochran and Buerck both agree that they have been blessed in life and just want to give back to others. They feel they are going to continue doing kind things like this because it makes them feel good but also benefits others as well.

"I have a lot of family members who are Veterans and I just feel like I should respect them because of how much they helped protect our country," Cochran said.

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