Young Boy Charged with Attempted Murder

Young Boy Charged with Attempted Murder
By: Carly O'Keefe
Union County State's Attorney Allen James says there was malice intended when a 12-year-old Ware boy stabbed an 11-year-old in Tuesday night.
James says three boys, including the young victim were fishing from a bridge on Ware-Wolf Lake Road at about 7 p.m. Tuesday night. Two other boys reportedly rode up to the scene on bikes.
James also says words were exchanged between two of the boys and one was stabbed with a four-inch pocket knife, puncturing his lung and nearly piercing his heart.
Now the young suspect is charged with the youth equivalent of attempted murder. He’s being held at the Franklin County Juvenile Detention Center.

James says the boy has shown remorse for his actions, "He wanted to hurt this boy. He wanted to stab this boy. That was his intent, but then after that happened, he realized what he had done.”

He added the suspect has a collection of knives at home and has a history of violence. Although he says the boy had never committed an offense as violent as that of Tuesday night.
Given the boy’s young age, he'll be tried as a juvenile.
James says in a case like this involving a child so young, it’s not so much what the prosecution can do to the defendant, but rather what the county can do to help rehabilitate the child.