Helicopter pilots discuss training before flights

3 on board medical helicopter during 'hard landing' in Union City, TN (Source: KFVS)
3 on board medical helicopter during 'hard landing' in Union City, TN (Source: KFVS)

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - Following the hard landing in Union City, Tennessee, helicopter pilots discuss the training that they have and how that helps when in situations similar to what the pilot might have found himself in today.

They have to have hours of experience because they can be called at a moments notice to fly. About two minutes into our interview the crew actually got called to assist in a transfer up to St. Louis.

When they're about to take off they have to do a visual check of everything around the helicopter to make sure it's safe and the other two crew members will do a walk through checking for the same thing. Then on the flight all of that training kicks in for them, that's how they can perform under pressure.

Then if things get rough, they definitely have to rely on all of their hours of training.

"We have to have over 2000 hours of flight time," said Fred Finnell, a pilot with Air Evac. "Then it's broken down from that of what you have to have as a pilot in command of helicopters in nighttime and things like that."

Finnell also said that they don't know what happened in Union City today and that they can't even speculate what happened. But all of the training has to kick in when in a situation like that.

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