Rotary Club raises funds for dog park in Carterville, IL

Rotary Club raises funds for dog park in Carterville, IL

CARTERVILLE, IL (KFVS) - After five years of work the Rotary Club officially opened a dog park in Carterville last Wednesday and is gearing up for the official grand opening of the Bark Park on November 15.

Rotary Club Member Janice McConnaughy, who has been with the Carterville Rotary Club for 11 years, said that after seeing the dog park in Murphysboro she wanted to bring one to the city of Carterville.

After getting the support of the city who gave them one acre in Cannon Park in Carterville, the Rotary Club went about collecting the $26,000 to build the park.

Brian Flath who has been a Rotary Club member for six years began fundraising for the club by creating a Carterville Dog Jog with the proceeds going towards the park.

The most recent fundraising event was a gala where most of the proceeds went to the project.

They hope that in the future to get new equipment for the dogs to play on and with volunteers and funding from John A Logan they hope to put up a Pavilion sometime next year.

Brian Flath spoke about what he hopes the community will be able to get from the park.

"I hope they have a place where they can join with their friends, where they can gather, get their pets outside, a little exercise," Flath said. "Not only that but humans meets some friends, as well as pets, meet some friends as well. I think people are going to be happy with what they see out here."

Organizers hope to add new equipment in the future and with they want to put up a Pavilion sometime in 2018.

The Rotary Club will hold a grand opening for the 'Bark Park" on Wednesday, November 15.

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