New trash pickup system in Carbondale, IL

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - The city of Carbondale is taking measures to modernize and keep streets cleaner by implementing a new trash pick up system starting today.

New city issued trash cans began rolling out to resident's driveways this morning. They come in either 48 or 96 gallon sizes and should all be delivered by the end of the week according to city officials.

Refuse and Recycling supervisor, Loren Polly, said this new system is a step toward a fully automated system and will make trash collectors jobs easier.

"Every trash can, every wood slab, shingles, whatever is put on the curb line they pick up by hand now," Polly said. "This will save them and their backs, shoulders, and any of our work comp issues."

However, trash collectors will still man the trucks with the same numbers he said.

Polly said many residents have contacted his office with questions about the size of the new cans. He said residents can switch their can out for the smaller size, but they may have to wait until all the cans are delivered.

The new system will not affect the current way the city picks up recycling in a different truck from specified containers.

Polly said if residents want to dispose of their old trash cans, the city will pick them up and bring them to be recycled if they leave a note on their old ones.

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