How the time change will affect your pets

(KFVS) - The fall back time change is a favorite for those who like to get a little extra sleep.

However, your pets may not like getting fed on the schedule they are used to according to Dr. Brandy Doggett, a veterinarian at Striegel Animal Hospital in Carbondale, Illinois.

"When the sun rises in the morning and you're still in bed they don't understand why they're not getting breakfast," she said, "so they're really gonna start bugging their owners who don't prepare ahead of time to acclimatize their pets to the change in the daylight savings time."

She said household cats and dogs may be fairly vocal to their owners while they are confused about owner's new schedules. She said owners should prepare animals ahead of time.

"My recommendation is to start now. Feed them a little later, 15 minutes every day. Get them on the new schedule. Usually, they switch around within a week."

According to Dr. Doggett, livestock animals will also be thrown off by the new feeding schedule, but won't be as vocal about it as your inside pets.

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