Black walnut prices remain at all-time high

STODDARD COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - There is still time to sell your walnuts to hulling stations in the Heartland.

The price for walnuts is still at an all-time high of 15 cents per pound, according to Hammons product company.

And for one hulling station their first year has been a success.

"We've done about 24,000 pounds almost 25," said Stoddard County Seed and Feed manager, Emily Hale.

She said they've had quite a few people bring walnut, most of them repeat customers.

"It feels good, because not only are we helping people get a little extra money, but before there wasn't anyone to hull really so all of this resource was just going to waste if you will just laying there and nobody picking it up," said Hale.

The impact on the economy is also big, according to Hammons product company, $5 to 6 million will be poured back into the communities.

Walnut Harvest season officially ends on November 6, but Hale said they will continue hulling until November 18.

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