Rauner offers IL as host state for Puerto Rico hurricane victims

Rauner offers IL as host state for Puerto Rico hurricane victims

SPRINGFIELD, IL (KFVS) - Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner is offering for the state to help victims from Puerto Rico affected by Hurricane Maria.

The governor would like Illinois to be considered for FEMAs "Transitional Sheltering Assistance (TSA) program." He's directed Illinois Emergency Management Agency to work with FEMA on an agreement.

The TSA program is seeking host states to help Puerto Ricans displaced by the hurricane.

According to the governor's office, Rauner has contacted the FEMA office in Chicago.

FEMA will reimburse those states for 100 percent of eligible sheltering costs.

The governor of Puerto Rico determines which states serve as hosts.

"Illinois continues to stand ready to help our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico as they recover from the unbelievable destruction caused by Hurricane Maria," Rauner said. "At the very least, it will be many months before some survivors will once again have a home on the island. We want to do everything possible to help them through this very difficult time."

Governor Rauner contacted Rosello in October expressing the state's wanting to assist residents of Puerto Rico affected by the storm.

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