Meeting Turns Into Outcry Against Police Chief

Meeting Turns Into Outcry Against Police Chief
By: Ryan Tate
Oran, MO - More than 50 people packed into the Oran city hall Tuesday night, because most wanted to speak their opinion about Police Chief Marc Tragesser. Tragesser has been on the force for three weeks, but has already written eight tickets and given 11 warnings. That is unusual for Oran.
"I didn't like to give out tickets," said former Police Chief Howard Stevens. Stevens wore the badge for more than 25 years. He tells Heartland News it was more important to talk with people, and befriend them, as opposed to giving them tickets. That is not the policy of Chief Tragesser.
"I'll continue to do my job. They won't run me off. This is the least of my problems. I enjoy Oran. I like the people, it's a great place to live. But I'm going to do my job," Tragesser said.
Oran Mayor Tom Urhahn tells Heartland News Tuesday's City Council meeting was a success. He also hopes this is the last he has to hear people complain about the Chief.
"I fell, and a majority of the Council feels, like he's doing his job," Urhahn said. "He's following the law of the Missouri, and he's doing a good job of it."
Urhahn says Tragesser has a 90 day grace period, and his performance will be evaluated then.