The Great Burger Debate: where should the cheese go?

The Great Burger Debate: where should the cheese go?

(KFVS) - Is it the greatest debate of our time?

Well, no, probably not. But a writer and media analyst posted an observation about the hamburger emoji, and people online have opinions.

In Apple's version of the hamburger emoji, the cheese is on top of the hamburger patty.

But, in Google's Android version, the cheese slice is beneath the patty.

So, naturally, people are arguing over the proper way toppings on a hamburger should be stacked.

Google's CEO, Sundar Pichai, got in on the debate and said he was going to drop everything he's doing to address the issue "if folks can agree on the correct way to do this!"

The question here is what is the correct way to build a burger? Is there a correct way? What if you don't like cheese? Is lettuce necessary on a standard cheeseburger? What about onion? None of the emojis includes an onion slice.

Odds are, we'll never all agree on the 'correct way' to stack our hamburger toppings, but hopefully, we can all agree it's a silly debate that's sparking some light, friendly conversation.

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