New security cameras along Paducah riverfront

PADUCAH, KY (KFVS) - Riverfront security is getting an upgrade in Paducah thanks to the city accepting a bid to install three new security cameras along parts of the riverfront.

The new cameras will be able to monitor parts of the Ohio River near the Brookport Bridge and the western part of the flood wall. According to Paducah Police Department, they should be up and running within 90 days.

Chief of Paducah Police Department, Brian Kruger said these cameras will be used to monitor potential natural disasters like flood levels as well as barge traffic under the bridge. He also said the cameras will be able to monitor parts of the Greenway Trail, particularly the pedestrian tunnel running under highway 45.

Director of Port Security for Paducah Coast Guard, Rande Plemons, said footage from the cameras will be used mostly as a tool to review any incidents along the river under the Brookport Bridge. However she said the cameras can be monitored 24/7 at the Paducah Police dispatch center.

Chief Kruger said he hopes the cameras will deter any crime in the areas along the flood wall and Greenway Trail where the cameras can monitor the area.

He also said these cameras can be used to assess potentially life threatening situations from a safe distance.

"If there's a large amount of chemical product being transported on the river system and there's some type of issue that's going on," he said. "From a distance it would at least allow us to assess some of the circumstances from a safe distance"

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