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Using your finger for new way to pay for items

Fingopay (Source: CBS News) Fingopay (Source: CBS News)
(Source: CBS News) (Source: CBS News)
(Source: CBS News) (Source: CBS News)
(KFVS/CBS News) -

Many are choosing not to use cash to pay ofr items such as takeout and groceries in Britain.

That way of paying could be coming to a store near you as early as next year.

According to CBS News, a British company has introduced a 3D approach to pay for items using your finger.

The "Fingopay" device shines an infrared light through the section fo any finger. The light detects blood flow in each persons "unique finger pattern," much like a fingerprint.

"Every time you insert your finger into a reader, we can identify you within about 200 milliseconds," said Fingopay CEO Nick Dryden. "In the future, you are the wallet.  That's all you need."

CBS News says customers connect a bank card to a secured system.

The system is being used currently in the UK. 

Fingopay is expected to come to U.S. sometime in 2018.

How would you feel about using your finger to pay for groceries? On Heartland News at 10 on Oct. 30, take a look at what could be the technology of the future.

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