Carter County officials get invitation to White House to network

Carter County Clerk Leona Stephens (Photo courtesy of Richard Stephens)
Carter County Clerk Leona Stephens (Photo courtesy of Richard Stephens)
(Photo courtesy of Richard Stephens)
(Photo courtesy of Richard Stephens)

CARTER COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - The Carter County Sheriff and County Clerk both had the opportunity to take a trip to the White House after being invited by the President's staff on October 15.

Both Carter County Sheriff Richard Stephens and Carter County Clerk Leona Stephens took the trip to Washington D.C. where they attended a series of meetings discussing major issues facing their county citizens.

"It was regarding county level governments and how the federal government can minimize regulations and also help us actually thrive," Carter County Sheriff Sheriff Richard Stephens said.

They were part of nearly three dozen other officials from other parts of Missouri that came for the meetings.

"We sat down and talked about everything from transportation to environmental regulations to gr ant funds that's available to us," Stephens added.

Stephens feels like this was an excellent way to network on a federal level and gained contacts to contact in case they ever need help for their county in the future.

"Now we have the actual email addresses and phone numbers of high level staff members who we can call and try to resolve some of those issues or see how we can benefit our citizens greater," Stephens said.

Overall, Stephens thought this was a great opportunity to help better his community.

"Regardless of where someone leans politically, I thought it was a really good gesture on the administration part on wanting to talk to us," Stephens said. "Not only people in Carter County but other county level officials rather than just talking to the large national organizations. I thought it was refreshing that they actually wanted to talk to us."

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