10/29/17 - ME TOO

By Scott Thomas
KFVS12 Vice President and General Manager

ME TOO. You've probably seen that phrase all over social media lately. Women are posting it to show that they, too, have been sexually harassed. This movement was sparked by the allegations against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. The details about how he conducted himself have been shocking.

I have heard a lot of people say, "can't believe that was happening." Really? You can't believe it? If you have spent any time on social media you should believe it. Rude, crude, and inappropriate comments are common place. Why is it that everyone's tendency is to turn their head? Just let something go even though we know it's wrong. My mom would call it, "minding your own business".

Well the times have changed. The fact that should shock you is just how prevalent sexual harassment is in our society. It's happening every day and probably to someone you know. The ME TOO movement has shown that hundreds of thousands of women have posted ME TOO.

What hit me the hardest was when I saw my 21 year old niece post ME TOO on her Facebook page. What's even more troubling is that there are probably just as many women that won't post ME TOO because they're not sure if their experience counts as sexual harassment.

Here's hoping the national conversation leads to some serious discussion about what is and isn't appropriate at work and online. Bottom line, if someone tells you "no", "I don't want to," or blatantly says, "you're making me uncomfortable," you need to back off and be respectful of one another. It's that simple.

I'm Scott Thomas and that's our ViewPoint.

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