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Keeping your pets comfortable during the cold weather

(Source: Kelsey Anderson, KFVS) (Source: Kelsey Anderson, KFVS)

Now that the cold weather is here, we shouldn't forget about man's best friend.

Dr. Sean Byrd with Skyview Animal Clinic says the time a dog spends outside depends on the breed.

He said a dog with longer, fluffier fur can stay outside longer than a dog with short hair.

If your dog is outside for most of the day, he said it's important to have a warm clean shelter. 

But, getting cold isn't the main problem they see in the winter. 

"We can see a lot of dehydration in winter because the normal water bowls that we have out all the time have now frozen over, or even just a layer of ice or even if they have gotten too cold and don't want to drink as much," said Dr. Byrd.

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