This week in music: 1997 Sir Elton

This week in music: 1997 Sir Elton

(KFVS) - Let's step into the Breakfast Show's Musical Time Machine and set the dials for 1997.

Twenty years ago this week, these were the songs being played on the radio and the clubs.

At number five on Billboard Magazine's Hot 100 chart was All Cried Out by Allure featuring 112. It was a remake of the Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam single from 1985.  That version peaked at number 8.  Allure topped that taking the song all the way to number four.

But it was the Motown group Boyz II Men who were in the number four spot this week in '97.  Four Seasons of Loneliness was their fifth and final number one hit.  By the way Boys II Men was the only Motown act to have a number one record in the 1990's.
LeAnn Rimes was holding down the number three spot with How Do I Live. Her version was originally intended for the movie Con Air.  But the movie's producers wanted a more mature voice and opted for Trisha Yearwood. That version became a hit on the country charts, but it became a huge hit for Rimes on the pop charts. It was in the Hot 100 for a record setting 69 weeks. That record has since been broken.  Despite never hitting number one, Billboard ranks it at number four on its All Time Hot 100 chart.

At number two was Usher with You Make Me Wanna. The video for the song shows Usher dancing in various colored rooms and backgrounds, and uses an effect which creates several clones of Usher.

And Elton John has had quite a career.  But it was this week in 97 he was on top of the charts with his biggest selling single. Candle in the Wind 1997 was a tribute to the late Princess Diana. It sold over 33 million copies worldwide and is the second best-selling single of all time behind Bing Crosby's White Christmas. The song was a reworked version of John's 1973 version of Candle in the Wind. That version was a tribute to Marilyn Monroe.

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