Zeigler, IL finance commissioner threatens auditor with legal action

ZEIGLER, IL (KFVS) - More drama in the small town of Zeigler, Illinois in the wake of the city treasurer's indictment on federal embezzlement charges.

In a letter to the Mayor Dennis Mitchell, the city's auditor Dennis Uhls, called for the city's finance commissioner Jim Flood to be reassigned to a post other than finance commissioner.

The auditor's letter says it's because of the finance commissioner's close ties to Ryan Thorpe, the city's former treasurer. Uhl's also alleges threats made to city employees in the report.

This made for some tense moments at the city council meeting on Tuesday.

Rebecca Whittington, Zeigler City Attorney says, "This is a situation where the comfort level was pushed because we had to address some employment-related issues on how staff members are treated especially the staff who may be involved in testifying and we have to protect them."

The Finance commissioner's lawyer responded with a warning of potential legal action against the auditor if the statements are not removed before the audit is finalized.

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