Heartland Solider Finds Weapons in Iraq

Heartland Solider Finds Weapons in Iraq
By: Wes Wallace
Perry County, MO - More than two years after the start of the second Iraq war, and still no sign of any weapons of mass destruction. However, a soldier from Perry County, Missouri, led the rest of his platoon to a very big discovery.
"He was using a metal detector in a backyard in Baghdad, and then it started going off, " says Sheila Birk, a proud mom of Pvt. Christopher Miller, "He called me on the Fourth of July, telling me all about it."
Miller and others found a lot of weapons used by insurgents, including rocket propelled grenades, grenade launchers, ak-47's, surface to air missiles, just to name a few.
And it all started because private Christopher miller was bored with driving a humvee...so he got a job using a mine detector.
"I told him take little steps, " Birk says with smile, "When he told me he was changing jobs and using a mine detector, so he said ok mom, anything you say."
Christopher Miller is a 21-year old who's been in Iraq since January.