Thebes Tries to Solve Money Problems

Thebes Tries to Solve Money Problems
By: Ryan Tate
Thebes Mayor Anthony Scott Bomar has been through a lot in his first three months in office.
"I felt a burden on my heart to do this job," Bomar said. But he did not realize how much burden would be on his shoulders to solve the town's money problems. The most recent involved city employees watching their paychecks bounce.
According to Bomar, the Internal Revenue Service seized city funds July 22nd, after notifying city leaders the town had not paid taxes on employees in more than three years. This came just weeks after a gas company notified them they owed more than $57,000 in back payments.
Bomar says the town struck a deal with the I.R.S., and helped pay down the debt to the gas company after finding more than $48,000 in two accounts they did not know about. City leaders found them after an audit. It was the town's first audit in more than three years.
But after all of this, Thebes was not out of the woods. Apparently, their bank, Capaha Bank in Tamms, was not notified of the deal with the I.R.S. That is why an employee check bounced, and another was not cashed. Bomar says that was cleared up on Monday.
To help bring revenue into Thebes, the town is hosting a Mud Race and picnic on August 13th. With no businesses in town, it is the a way to help generate revenue, Bomar says.