Battling Breast Cancer: A Family Affair

It's devastating for any women to find out she has breast cancer. But it's even more devastating for a woman to find out her daughter has it too. Loreen Gladish and her daughter have both had breast cancer. Loreen says, "I always say it's not a death sentence, it's another bump in the road."

A bump in what's been a long, hard road for Loreen. 19 years ago, she found a large tumor in one of her breasts. She's healthy today, and hasn't had any trouble since then. But the fear never goes away. "I don't think anybody ever told me that it's not going to come back. When you have positive nodes especially, you're not out of the woods by any means," Loreen said.

To make matters worse, six years ago, Loreen found out that her daughter was fighting the same fight, and facing the same consequences. "The worst news I ever had in my life was when she called me and said, 'Mom, I have breast cancer', " Loreen says,. Her daughter, Gail, was just 46 when she found her lump. But after treatment, she's now fine. And just like her mother, she hasn't had any more problems. They're both happy to be healthy, and they're taking it one day at a time. Loreen says she and her daughter always say, "Not today, because you never know what day you may have trouble."

Loreen was a full-time nurse for almost 30 years in Cape Girardeau, so she knew what to look for. But she advises every woman to have a yearly mammogram, and to do breast self-exams. That's how she and her daughter were able to find it early, and get help.