Breathitt Veterinary Center Director named 2017 Kentucky Veterinarian of the Year

Breathitt Veterinary Center Director named 2017 Kentucky Veterinarian of the Year

MURRAY, KY (KFVS) - Dr. Debbie Reed, director of the Murray State Breathitt Veterinary Center, was recently named Veterinarian of the Year by the Kentucky Veterinary Medical Association at the organization's annual conference.

The distinction of Veterinarian of the Year is the highest honor awarded to association members.

"I am so very honored to be recognized by my peers at KVMA," Reed said.

"I have had such fantastic support from the faculty at Murray State, from the faculty and staff at the Breathitt Veterinary Center and from my family.

This award is as much for all of them as it is for me."

KVMA, first established in 1911, aims to promote, protect and improve the veterinary profession with members across the state working together to build working relationships with the public and policymakers.

Each year, at KVMA's annual conference, the organization recognizes a member for his or her outstanding contributions in the field of veterinary medicine.

Reed, who has worked with the Breathitt Veterinary Center since 2006 and received this year's recognition, is known among her colleagues for going above and beyond in her line of work.

"The Kentucky Veterinarian of the Year award is a great personal honor for Dr. Reed, and she is so deserving based on her background, experiences and years of service to her profession," said Dr. Tony Brannon, dean of the Hutson School of Agriculture at Murray State.

"However, even beyond that, the award recognizes the great role that, under her leadership, the Breathitt Veterinary Center serves in the veterinary profession in Kentucky."

The Breathitt Veterinary Center, located in Hopkinsville, is operated by Murray State and the Hutson School of Agriculture under Reed's direction.

The mission of the Center is to provide rapid and accurate diagnostic data using the latest scientific knowledge, equipment and techniques to reduce losses from animal diseases and to promote animal health.

Hosting state-of-the-art research facilities, the Center also provides hands-on learning opportunities for Murray State students.

"The Breathitt Veterinary Center has and continues to provide quality diagnostic services and instructional support for our Murray State students and the agriculture industries across our state and region," Brannon said.

In addition to overseeing the Breathitt Veterinary Center, Reed is a member of several committees and advisory boards committed to the humane treatment of animals and disease prevention.

She is also responsible for earning a number of high-profile, substantial grants for the betterment of the Center and has shared research findings at conferences across the state and in Kansas City.

You can click here for more information about Reed's work and the Breathitt Veterinary Center.

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